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How to bet and win virtual football?

We want to say right away that virtual soccer itself is absolute random. At least that is what bookmakers say. According to them, they have no way to influence the artificial intelligence in charge of the game results.

In general, virtual sports are getting more and more popular among players in betting shops. The reason for this is the non-stop matches. One game lasts on average about five minutes. This entices the players who bet on virtual soccer in search of a quick profit.

Game strategies

As we said above, that virtual soccer is a kind of randomness or lottery. Surely the artificial intelligence has some parameters to determine the winners, but we know nothing about it. But if you have nevertheless decided to replace "Nigerian Lotto" with virtual soccer, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the three most widespread strategies of the game.


For experienced players in bookmakers this concept is familiar. How often have you had the idea of overlapping, but missed the moment and ended up being left at the broken trough? We all have. So to use this strategy you need to resist the excitement. Designate the bank and choose a fixed amount that you will bet. You can as a percentage of the bank itself.

It is important to note that you can play both singles and expresses. But do not forget that all the matches of the tour are at the same time, so if you have problems with the Internet, it is better not to risk, otherwise there is a high chance of missing the chance to overlap.

If you decide to play ordinaries, you choose the odds of more than 2 before the match, and in the course of the game already see how you can overlap. Or we make an expression of, say, two events with a total odds of 2.70. In the course of the game, we follow the matches we are interested in and choose a more acceptable variant. By the way, you can use a special calculator.

Of course, every strategy has a certain "But". Here also. The hitch may be that your event will not "check-in", so you will not have the option to overlap in the plus, but you can always reduce the amount of money lost.

Catch-up or Martingale strategy

The strategies for virtual soccer are common, just choose the most adapted for this market. One of these is the overtake. Here, it is necessary to bet on soccer, starting from the original bank. The trouble with the overtake is that at a certain moment your bank can be simply not enough for the next move. Although let us say right away that it is not worth risking a lot of money on virtual soccer.

For this strategy we can recommend you to try the virtual soccer League Betting, where bookmaker customers are offered a very interesting line and online broadcast virtual soccer. The more options you have for betting, the more chance you have of finding something you like the most.

Of course, to use this strategy you need to bet only on odds of 2.0 or higher.

Bets on outsiders

One of the most "working" strategies in virtual soccer. Given that the game of virtual soccer itself is a lottery, there is, as nowhere else, a high probability of an unusual outcome of the match. In our case - it is a victory of a registered underdog. So we need initially high odds for such games. For this, a great fit is a bookmaker's office Betfarm, in which virtual soccer online all the time.

First you need to watch the odds on soccer, and then already calculate the bet amount.

Is it possible to beat a bookmaker in virtual soccer

Nothing is impossible, so beating the bookmaker is possible, but very difficult. It requires good discipline, which will not let the excitement go wild, as well as strategies to follow.

Before risking your money, think through all the moves. Find out more information about virtual soccer. You can watch it for a few days, so as to have some idea about it, or to notice some regularities in the results.

It is also very important to allocate your bankroll correctly. Do not make rash bets with odds of 1.12. This is random! Always keep this in mind. No one knows how artificial intelligence will behave, so it is absolutely meaningless to play at such odds.